Sergey Gorshkov

Sergey Gorshkov se je rodil v Sibiriji leta 1966, vendar se je njegova kariera v fotografiji začela šele pred 12 leti. Je ustanovni član Ruske zveze »Wildlife« fotografov, njegov cilj pa je ohraniti bogastvo narave skozi fotografijo. Med Gorshkovimi številnimi nagradami in priznanji sta tudi dve nagradi za ruskega fotografa leta “Photographer of the Year”, osvojil je naslove: BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year v letu 2007, 2009 in 2012.


Sergey Gorshkov organizira samostojne razstave in seminarje po vsej Rusiji in tudi drugje v Evropi, njegova dela pa so bila natisnjena v revijah po vsem svetu. Gorshkov je avtor treh foto knjig: “Clock Walk”, “Bear”, “The Vanishing World of Kamchatka”, zdaj pa sodeluje z revijo National Geographic Rusija in v ruski Arktiki snema dokumentarec o delu fotografov v tamkajšnjih razmerah. Če Gorshkov ni na kakšni od ekspedicij, potem lahko najdete njega in njegovo družino sredi Moskve.


Gorshkov posveča veliko pozornost problematiki ohranjanja prostoživečih živali in jo skuša predstaviti svetu s pomočjo fotografije.


My birth as a photographer

I was born in a remote Siberian village. It may sound strange today, but when I grew up, we didn’t have a TV, and my only entertainment was time spent out in nature. So why did I start taking pictures? The simplest explanation, I think, is that photography became my opportunity to hear the roar of a leopard on the Okavango River, and the honking of geese flying over the Taymyr tundra.

Sergey Gorshkov

Sergey Goshkov pri delu

It is the reason I was able to experience the Arctic wind on Wrangell Island, and to feel the heat of red-hot lava spewing from the Kamchatka volcanoes. I take pictures because it allows me to communicate with wildlife. This is my passion, and I spend most of my time in pursuit of it. I try to live close to the animals and be present in their world so that I can share my impressions with the viewer.


People often ask me how I started taking pictures. It began on my first trip to Kamchatka. I was completely stunned by the richness of its nature and decided to buy a photo album of the landscapes as a memento. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo album like that on the day I was leaving, and for the first time I thought: “I’ll come back and make my own photos.” Then a trip to Africa changed the direction of my life. It is no secret that I enjoyed hunting. In fact, up to that point in my life, I had mostly seen wild animals through the crosshairs of a rifle’s scope. But when I first saw a leopard, I was so fascinated by its beauty that I simply couldn’t shoot it. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I knew at that moment that I couldn’t fire the gun, so I took up photography and began taking pictures instead. That way, I was able to enjoy nature while making beautiful images to remember my adventures. I never wanted to bear arms again.


Sometimes small things can influence the course of one’s life. The day I saw leopards was mine. You could call this moment my birth as a photographer. I am not ashamed of my past, but I realized that wildlife photography satisfies my hunting instincts without having to take the life of an animal.


After a few years, I had some free time and returned to Kamchatka with my Nikon F5. At Kurile Lake I started shooting my first project about bears, and an animal that became my passion and my trademark. I have been making wildlife photos for many years, but I still can’t call myself a professional — I still use the trial-and-error method, and I often make mistakes. But I’ve learned to analyze my mistakes so that I learn from them and continue to improve.



Copy Rights

Fotografije: © Sergey Gorshkov

Photo: © Sergey Gorshkov


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