Jay Daley

Jay Daley je avstralski profesionalni fotograf iz severnega Sydneya. Poklicno se ukvarja s fotografiranjem porok in družabnih prireditev, sicer pa fotografijo uporablja tudi kot svoj umetniški medij. Njegove slike panoramskih posnetkov so epske, naravo pa obogati s čarobnimi barvami in ji daje dušo z različnimi fotografskimi tehnikami, od HDR tehnike do dolgih časov osvetljevanja, ter izbiro različnih objektivov s široko goriščnico.

Spodaj je predstavljenih nekaj njegovih značilnih fotografij z originalnimi komentarji, ki jih običajno doda k vsaki od njih. V teh komentarjih, ki so včasih šaljivi, včasih zgolj informativne narave, običajno opisuje kraje, kjer je bila posneta določena fotografija, kako je potekalo fotografiranje in seveda njegov nepogrešljivi odnos do narave.

Natural Wonder

Natural Wonder

…and another astro from my recent return to the desert.

This time with inclusion of a bush in my near foreground, which is certainly, a step away from my usual style but something I wanted to try experimenting with.



…and I was back again. My beloved outback. This time it was more of an exploration with a couple of good mates than a photography trip but that’s not to say I didn’t look for more stunning and remote locations worthy of shooting.

So – this is a location in the Flinders Ranges I have actually spent some time looking for and this time, I finally found it. It’s not tricky to find once you know where it is – it’s just not close to where I have been before.

With our tents set up close by, a roaring campfire and some delicious pasta waiting to be cooked we had scoped this location the night before only to determine that it was definitely in need of a sunrise to reach it’s full potential.

I was woken up following morning by a wild dingo outside my tent and soon realized that the sky was looking promising so we scared off the Dingo and headed back to our view point of the razorback ridge.

Thankfully the colours came through and I walked away with a photograph I’d been hoping to one day have in my bag. Thanks again outback!

The Devils Pond

The Devils Pond

Here’s something a little different from me. Personally, I’m not in love with waterfall photography, whilst they make for such stunning scenery I tend to find that all waterfall shots have a similar feel, despite the difference in subject.

It’s for that reason I thought I’d let my hair down on this one.

Surprisingly I was 100% sober when I imported this one into Photoshop and made the decisions that I would get a little crazy with the colour sliders. The outcome…

Well you decide for yourself.

I’ll make no secrets about this image. It has been imported into Photoshop as a very green image then I selected the green colour channel and… let ‘er rip.

My mind isn’t made up about it yet but one thing is for sure – it’s different to the usual…

Flinders Spin

Flinders Spin

I have visited this incredible windmill in the Flinders Ranger before and with a clear sky overhead as we approached from Adelaide I was getting increasingly excited to see how it would look under a starry sky.

With everything going to plan we would arrive shortly before the moon was set to rise which would give us just enough time to shoot some astro before our foreground caught light.

..and that’s exactly what happened.

I haven’t yet looked at the milky way version of this but instead decided to go for something pretty psychedelic and opened the gates with an intense star trail. It may not be to your liking and I’m not sure it’s to mine but it is certainly a bit different and it was good fun shooting it so therefore I’m happy with it.

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love Canada. Not in a “that was a fun holiday” kinda way but more about how this country makes me feel.

Canada and Australia share so many inherent similarities – politically, historically, geographically, etc but ultimately, it’s our deep -seated cultural affability that makes us so comparable.

It’s my last night in this cold and amazing country but I will be back – there’s too much here for me not to.

Canada – you’re awesome!

Two Jack of Hearts

Two Jack of Hearts

The history of the Jack in a deck of cards makes for an interesting piece of trivia. Today’s Jack was originally known as the Knave, which in 16th and 17th century England was a reference to a simple male servant.

A simple male servant to royalty was, of-course, also a Jack. Whilst the term “Jack” was indeed commonly used to designate a Knave card it was considered lower class to do so.

Unfortunately the abbreviation for a Knave card was becoming too easily mistaken with that of the King (“K” v “Kn”) so the letter “J” was used instead. And so came the Jack.

This is a shot of Two Jack Lake in the magical Banff National Park I shot one beautifully sunny morning. When I shot this image it was -26 degree’s Celsius and I was waiting patiently for the sun to hit the tips of the mountains in the distance whilst chilling my Starbucks Frappuccino in the snow.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express – Merry Christmas

In a previous lifetime I spent months walking this river searching for Grizzly Bears and other Canadian wildlife and recalled a unique curve in the river where it lined both the train tracks and the road.

At the time photography wasn’t my foremost passion but with the camera now taking the cardinal role in guiding most of my adventures this location sprang back into my mind.

What I had envisioned was a wintry scene with a red train steaming its way around this picturesque bend in the mountains.

With some heavy snowfall overnight I figured I would give it a try. Everything came together as I had planned. The vista was just as I remembered, the water was fortunately still moving and open and after a short wait my train came rounding the corner.

Despite everything working as I had planned for the image doesn’t represent the wintry wonderland scene I had imagined in my mind. None-the-less it’s a fun image and one I had a good time photographing.


© Copyrights

Fotografije: Jay Daley

Photo Credit: Jay Daley


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